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Welcome to the site of our College!

Dear students and pupils! We are inviting you to learn more about our educational establishment for better choice of your future profession.


Director of St.Petersburg Police College 

Yarukhin Oleg Vladimirovich

Choosing the educational institution is the starting point in taking the right road of future life. Each school-leaver should treat the problem of choice quite seriously.

St.Petersburg Police College is the first educational institution providing complex training of power law enforcement regular reserve. Our college combines the best traditions of classical state education with the world experience in training the policemen of foreign countries. The diploma of our college enables to work in various state bodies and institutions as well as for commercial enterprises.

The pithy saying “a theory without practice is dead” - “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”- has found its full implementation in our college training. The theory knowledge having been got by our college students finds its further practice application. They work on probation in St. Petersburg power law enforcement bodies and abroad as well as they are having fire-arms practice shoot, and learn self-defense fundamentals. They practice parachute jumps, scuba diving, and a great deal of other practices. All these training activities will enable our college students to better solve particular practical tasks.

Besides, military-patriotic camps held by Police College each summer help our college students test themselves, their knowledge, and skills.

In addition there are courses of training detectives and guards organized by our college dating from 2001. The college has got a wide experience of training the graduates specializing in this field. Since 2011 our college has been the first educational institution which got the license to train the detectives in Russia with the regard for the latest changes in legislation.

Detailed information is available by phones:

+7 (812) 316-13-92 or +7 (812) 490-24-85



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Дни открытых дверей в 2017 году
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